Editing Homepage

Go to Pages on the sidebar. Click on Homepage to edit it.

Edit homepage banner

Simply click Remove featured image link under Featured image box on the right sidebar.

Then upload a new image with the dimension 1960 x 730 px


Edit <H1> / page heading

Edit the Page Heading text field under “Page H1

Edit intro content

Simply update the content in the main content editor

If content is copied and pasted from any source, make sure to select all the content and clear formatting.


Edit homepage sections

Under the main content editor is the Homepage Content editor

There are 3 built-in content sections on the homepage. Click on the right tab to edit the content for each section

  1. Image left – Content right section
    You can upload images and edit text content here.
    Landscape Image dimension: 500 x 345px
    Portrait Image dimension: 323 x 407 px
    Click Update under Publish panel to save all changes.

  2. Services section
    You can update all content for this section. If you understand html anchor link, you can update list of services. Otherwise please don’t touch this.
    Click Update under Publish panel to save all changes.

  3. Testimonial section
    – To remove any existing testimonial, simply hover over the item and click on Remove row icon on the right
    – To add new testimonial, click on Add New Testimonial button and fill up all fields.
    – Hover over the numbers on the left and you can start dragging and dropping testimonial items to change the order of the testimonials.

Click Update under Publish panel to save all changes.